Let's Go Live Challenge

Want to do more live videos but don't know how?

Hey girl, Tanya here

I'm a video coach, and I can help you overcome the fear of putting your face & your message on camera.

This 5-Day Challenge Is For You If...

✔ You don't have enough ideas on what to talk about and where to start

✔ You're feeling like creating video content might be just another waste of time and ain't nobody got time for that

✔ You're afraid that you can't hold attention with video (or scrap that...will anyone show up in the first place?)

✔ You feel unprepared and not confident that you'll look like the professional on camera you want people to see

✔ You're experiencing a sense of overwhelm about video creation. It all seems too complicated

"I recently completed the 5-day challenge course with Tanya Smith. It was such an amazing and rewarding experience. Tanya reduced my anxieties by the manner in which she taught the sessions. I actually did a video-my first! She made the steps simple, and I now feel I am ready for the next video."

Ethel Wills, Legal Nurse Consultant

What's In the Program

In this course, I teach coaches, consultants and course creators a simple step-by-step process to do live streaming video in just 5 steps! Turn your knowledge into engaging conversations with your perfect audience and create a path directly to your offers.

Snack-Size Daily Lessons

Action Assignments

Go Live with Confidence

Here's how the challenge will go:

  • Register now for access to the daily lessons
  • Get a daily reminder to complete each assignment
  • Go live on day 4 using what you learned days 1-3
  • Attend our weekly live stream for even more tips!

"This challenge was very well put together. It was at a pace that you can successfully complete and digest the task. The instructions were clear and concise and Tanya was extremely knowledgeable about all the subject matter."

Alyssa Downey - A Healthy Life Coaching

Here's why you need to do this.

The Benefits of Live Video Are Massive

  • Improve brand awareness & recognition
  • Develop deeper connections with your target audience
  • Grow your fanbase on social media
  • Build authority in your expertise
  • Move lurkers into becoming leads more quickly

Imagine if...

You knew exactly what it would take to start reaching your audience through video? You could be your authentic self on camera and have the confidence to speak up?

In just 5 days, you will get access to daily lessons, with step-by-step assignments to create a livestream video on a budget while looking like the professional you truly are.

I'm Ready. LET ME IN!

A note from Tanya, your challenge facilitator & coach

Hey friend!

This challenge was created so that you can learn a simple strategy to doing more live streaming videos. No more struggling and not knowing which button to push, or when to get it on your calendar.

You will have tips on exactly what you need step-by-step to go live. You won't be on your own. My community and I are here to help you get a plan together to do more videos! And I promise to keep it simple.

ALL my best,

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